How does BookArtisto work?
We help users/Event Organisers to explore and discover the most suitable artists for their events. BookArtisto Recreates the dynamics of online artist booking for your events! Explore our huge artist bank which include singer, dancer, instrumentalist, dj, anchor, comedian, actor, emcee, comedian, actor, model, sketch artist, photo/videographer, make-up artist/stylist, live band, magician, speaker, graffiti artist, celebrity and many more of your favorite entertainers in your city! We help you discover the best artists in India for your big day!
Who All Can Register/Book From BookArtisto?
Anyone. Yes, Anyone can register on BookArtisto for free. Whether you are an artist or an user/Event Organiser, One can easily register on BookArtisto in less then a minute!
How can I be assured about my safety and payment?
Trust us, There will always be a professional Event Coordinator from BookArtisto who will accompany you at the event to take good care of you. You do not need to hesistate or be afraid for any reason. As far as the payment goes, The event coordinator himself will pay you right at the end of the event!
Can The Price Be Negotiated That Is Provided In A Quote?
Yes, Only if the artist agrees with your offer. The Artist might reject user's offer if the budget doesn't suit him , But in rare cases he might demand less then the give offer! In any case , The user will have to rebook the artist. No negotiation is allowed via text messages or phone calls.
What Do I Need To Pay For The Services Provided By BookArtisto?
All the services are free. We only take the 10% fees on each booking and that's all.
Is The Fee Refundable In Case I Need To Cancel An Event?
Yes. In case User / Event Organiser cancels booking after the artist has accepted the booking request:-
- Before 48 hours of the event date – 90% money will be refunded
- Before 24 hours of the event date – 75% money will be refunded
- Within 24 hours of the event date – 50% money will be refunded
What Happens If I Have Issues Or A Performer Cancels My Event?
If the performer cancels the booking after accepting your booking request, Your full booking amount will be refunded to you! Furthermore the artist will have to pay a penalty to us which makes reduces the chances of booking cancellation to almost null. But If this does happen, You do not need to Panic! Contact us as soon as possible in this case and we will assist you with replacing the artist with a suitable option so that your event can go on! You will have to pay for the new booking though.
How Do I Remove My Account On BookArtisto?
You need to login and choose 'Delete account' Option in the menu. Your account will be deleted within 48 hours.
Does This Site Really Help Entertainers Like Us To Get Bookings/Events
Try it and find it out yourself! Event organizers or any user in general can book you directly via sending you a request.
Who All Can Register On BookArtisto?
This is the right platform for any artist/performer/entertainer who thinks their talent can make a change. We have almost all kinds of Artist categories for you to choose from such as Singer, Dj, Dancer, Sketch Artist, Model etc.
How Much Does It Cost To Get Registered On BookArtisto?
100% free. Yes you read it right! It barely takes a minute to get enlisted on BookArtisto without any initial Fee.
What Are The Benefits Of Registering With BookArtisto?
There are many. Our main motive is to assist you in finding a career in your desired entertainment field to bring out the real you!
How Does The Booking On BookArtisto Work?
1. User Sends booking request to the artist with his requirements.
2. Artist goes through the details and either accepts or rejects the booking offer.
3. If the Artist agrees with the amount and accepts the booking offer then the user pays online via paytm payment gateway.

Do I Have To Pay Anything If I’m Booked Through BookArtisto?
Yes, BookArtisto will take 10% of the final booking amount on each bookings.
What Happens If I Cancel Or Fail To Show Up For The Booked Event after accepting the booking request?
You get life imprisonment... No you don't :D !

But to compensate for the inconvenience to the user and to BookArtisto, you will have to pay a penalty if you don't inform us about your cancellation before 2 days from the event date.
You will have to inform us beforehand to reduce the penalty amount.

Artist/Entertainer non-performance information:-
- Before 48 hours of an event date – Rs. 5000
- Before 24 hours of an event date – Rs. 10,000
- Within 24 hours of an event date – Rs. 50000
Is the booking possible from tabs or mobile phones?
Yes. You can simply open the website on any device our use our download the bookartisto mobile app. Both the website and the mobile app are totally responsive and work ize of screens!
How Do I Remove/Delete/Deactivate my account on BookArtisto?
You need to login and choose 'Delete account' Option in the menu. Your account will be deleted within 48 hours.
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